Building Log

I like to build things out of atoms and bits and here are some logs from the things I build:

2020-11: Color Code!

Color Code is a programming language without words or symbols!

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2020-09: Recreating the Past Gallery

I was not so happy about writting code to run on the browser for then making a video of it or a gif to post on social networks, so I made this simple gallery.

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2020-07: School for Poetic Computation - Recreating the Past

One of the most brilliant learning experiences at School for Poetic Computation. I enrolled on the online version of Recreating the Past course and got to learn new ways to think, research and make. Whether it was a familiar subject or an uncomfortable practice, I got a fresh, fantastic new perspective on it.

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2020-03: Microcosmic Journals

I keep a collection of dirty water from different sources carefully prepared for maximum fun under the microscope. Eventually I record new and weird things I see living inside these water.

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2018-10: Fabulous remote control

Revisiting one of my favourite childhood game but as a grown up kid.

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