School for Poetic Computation - Recreating the Past

For the past 10 weeks I had one of the most brilliant learning experiences at School for Poetic Computation. I enrolled on the online version of Recreating the Past course taught by Zach Lieberman, with Max Bittker as teacher assistant and many amazing classmates (I'll try to link them somewhere). I got to learn new ways to think, research and make. Whether it was a familiar subject or an uncomfortable practice, I got a fresh, fantastic new perspective on it.

I felt and still feeling like a gong that has been banged for 10 weeks in a row: Every artist hit me making an initial intense, loud, chaotic and yet pleasing sound, slowly fading into a tone followed by an epiphany.

During the course I documented the recreations in a repository that has physical objects, pdfs, electronics and sketches made with p5js and openFrameworks. All source code and research documents are there too if you want to browse the content. I also wrote weekly about the artists and the process on Scuttlebutt (and there I also write about everything else).

Class repository:

You can also see some of the recreations running on the browser:

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