Recreating the Past Gallery

I was not so happy about sharing my creations on social networks, so I made this simple gallery.

I was not so happy about writing code to run on the browser for then making a video of it or a gif to post on social networks, everything about it was making me unhappy. The beauty of responsivity, the smoothness (sometimes achieved, sometimes not), the peace of mind of not feeding the algorithm monster of social media, all that was being lost or poorly translated.

On top of that, most of the pieces I was making had a much richer research documents that sometimes were more interesting than the result itself! But they were really ugly markdown files exported by Dropbox Paper (bleh!). So besides willing to have a place to put the visual production I also wanted to have a public place to share the research.

I made this simple gallery that not only runs the artwork source code on a thumbnail but also gathers the research and links to the full page version of the pieces. I'm self hosting this on my home server and the source code lives on Github (for now).