A new player has entered the room

"It's not just a flood, it doesn't have to go viral to have each person that finds it feel really happy."

So I wrote Color Code and recorded a video explaining how it works but as expected, not a lot of people engaged. It's a weird, complicated, challenging theme sometimes. But it was there and I was and still am super happy with it.

It happens that Max Bittker, which is this amazing human being I met as teacher assistant on Recreating the Past, saw Color Code and realised we were working on similar projects! He sent me his Alchemy Online project and yes, in many, many ways, Alchemy Online is what I was trying to achieve with Color Code.

Max is one of the most knowledgeable people I know on this subject and not only I learned new terms like "spacial programming" and cool video game titles, I also learned new names like Luke Wilson, Dave Ackley, Andrew Walpole and many more that I'm still checking out.

Interacting with those people has inspired me so much that I am even experimenting with a "mouse-only" interface to program in a variation of SPLAT (Spacial Programming Language ASCII Text) that is much smaller and less capable version of the language because well, I'm a beginner! This really stretches my mind!

To be honest I don't fully understand the depth of thinking that goes on the thought or real hardware experiments that goes with Living Computation and T2Tile projects. Those are such new and fresh ideas for me.

But I have wandered around for a little while thinking on problems like BITPICT and SPLAT and I have never seen it so clearly proposed and discussed as those two projects.

One beautiful day I was having breakfast and watching the new T2Tile project video update thinking about event windows, how cool is that Dave Ackley is writing a novel and how to get a DIY version of the MFM when suddenly:

And it's not that I was looking for it but I felt so happy and grateful to have people I admire so much waving to me from the cyberspace.

I'll make Dave's words mine here:

Everybody talks about how internet allows you to find your audience no matter what it is, but it's not just a flood, it doesn't have to go viral to have each person that finds it feel really happy.

Thank you all <3