Microcosmic Gazing

A few weeks ago I made a call at Blivande's Forum to all curious people to gaze at wonders of microscopic, microbiotic, microcosmic reality.

I brought my microscope to the house and started a local collection sample jars (just dirt water). We sometimes also look at our bodies as a gigantic jar of samples! We are currently doing it every other Tuesday night.

As part of my call I put a list of ideas to make the whole thing less nerdy, more inclusive and fun:

  • Scientific names are cool but totally overrated
  • Sometimes we see things that mirror what we have learned in school, sometimes we see things that turns everything inside out
  • Gazing, not hunting!

After the first event, Jonas Johansson has taken the microscope to a audiovisual performance at CCTV. I must confess I felt irrationally proud of seeing the microbes from my jars dancing to some ambient electronica.

You can watch the full performance. Here's a snippet of what the performance looked like:

We have been experimenting with video processing, filters and dreaming about controlling the microscope stage with motors. Eventually we might start streaming it as well but the best way to follow what's happening is at the Blivande's Forum.

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