Microcosmic Gazing at CCTV x Visualia

CCTV Stockholm is an audiovisual and community concept, documenting and developing the cultural scene in Stockholm.

Visualia is an ultra-experimental concept that encourages radical interdisciplinary collaborations within performance, installation and visual art.

Paulo Barcelos and I got invited by Jonas Johanson to make a visual performance out of our favourite microcosmic samples. We used a tool Paulo made 10 years ago for an installation at Stockholm’s subway. It’s has a node based visual programming language that we used to perform live coding of effects and compositions.

You can watch the 45 minutes performance on Vimeo (ours starts around 3h35m)!

We used two microscopes and a few drops of water from an early spring puddle. I enjoyed particularly the effects that traced lines and textures on screen.

A day before this performance my heart was in the streets of Brazil screaming and signalling unconformity against the Bolsonaro and the genocide politics it represents.

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