TodePond visits BananaBanana land

Luke Wilson made a tour around the internet showcasing "cellular automata engines" and visited Banana land!

Luke Wilson is the creator behind TodePond YouTube channel, which is house to the most informative, sweet, calming and heartwarming collection of videos about pretty hardcore nerdy stuff. Max has told me about these videos when we were talking about Color Code and to be very honest, they were and still are the very best explanation about spacial programming languages I have ever watched. Check it out:

Luke, if you are reading this: I really enjoy you and your videos! <3

Then one day I stumbled upon this tweet and started watching the video:

I knew Luke was doing a video about cellular automata and sand falling engines but again, how sweet can someone be? Seriously!

Being in this video with this gang is such an accomplishment in life for me. I burst in happiness and hugging feelings all the time I watch it.

I am also particularly proud of how banana land was pictured:

And completely amazed with Luke's pink sand elegant implementation in SPLATy: