Color Code at Babycastle's WordHack

I got pretty excited to share my programming language without words at an event about words and language!

Babycastles is a NYC based collective fostering and amplifying diverse voices in videogame culture. We provide artists support to actualize ideas and expose that work to new audiences.

WordHack is a monthly evening of performances and talks exploring the intersection of language and technology.

I got pretty excited when Todd replied my application to talk about Color Code at WordHack. The idea of talking about a programming language without words at an event about words and language made me happy and confused about what should I talk about.

This was a great chance to also share a new version of Color Code with a new interface that you can use the mouse do draw and making rules is slightly less confusing.

It was also the first time I officially presented Color Code as a project and beyond sharing how to write simple programs without words, I wanted to talk a little bit about why is it important, how did I get here and what are the guiding questions that are floating in my head when I'm developing, exploring and playing with Color Code.

Books like Mindstorms and Decolonizing the Digital as well as the Technological Sovereignity zine have pretty much shaped the way I think about this project as well as getting myself completely confused with millions of questions to ask!

  • Can this computation make sense when we decide that mining and mass manufacturing are not good ideas?
  • Can this programming language allow a tiny simple computers to be programmed without a bigger and more complex computers?
  • How many buttons do you need to write a program comfortably and creatively?
  • Is it possible to have a programming language you don’t need to learn how to read words first? (Or read words in a specific language, let's say, English)

Just to be clear, I don't think Color Code is an answer to those questions but my attempt to build, experience and attempt to answer them. I also think some of those questions are easier than others and some I can't answer by myself.

Another highlight of this presentation for me was to say thanks to a couple of dear people who helped (and are still helping!) me in many ways to develop Color Code! Namely Max Bittker, Luke Wilson, Dave Ackley and Andrew Walpole, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! <3