Poetics of Mechanical Movement

A month of exploration around drawing machines at Blivande's Artist in Residency Room.

Earlier this year I was looking into making a new round of research, exploration and development around drawing machines. I would usually do this at home but this time it was very obvious I should make it at Blivande!

I rented a room in the heart of the Tau Studio (the house's makerspace) and I conducted a very experimental, collaborative, kids friendly and welcoming process. Some people showed up, many interesting conversations happened and we had a few workshop moments! In the end it was all about taking time to watch, listen and feel the relationship between hand and machine.

I had a 4 week plan:

  1. Simple drawing machines with Strawbees, Quirkbot and other household material
  2. Simple CNCs with cardboard and DIY electronics
  3. 3D Printers and AxiDraw
  4. “Exhibition” in the room (Didn't happen, though!)

Initial research and references:


I kept a journal taking notes on what I tried, what failed, what I liked, conversations, keywords, ideas and much more here. There are also some documentation on Instagram.