Research and development of a web based, self-hosted and wireless MicroPython coding experience for Kano's Pixel Kit.

Pixel32 is a wireless coding experience on Kano's Pixel Kit. It uses MicroPython and it's "self hosted", meaning you can access it offline through a local network created by the Pixel Kit.

The idea was to provide a more "advanced" environment for people who had graduated on the original Pixel Kit block based programming environment but also try to deliver what the product promised from the beginning: To be a portable platform for creative coding. The project was halted as the product got discontinued.

The technical part of the project on other hand succeeded and it's free and open source. I made a tool to erase, replace and rollback the firmware in case anyone wants to use Kano Code ¯\(ツ)/¯. There are a few Instructables here and there too.

I also made a bunch of videos in which I explore the features of the board and MicroPython on awkward silent videos. You can find them on the Tutorials.