New Year's Experiment

Using a 3D printer to make new years cards where each card is a frame of a stop motion animation.

New Year's Experiment from Bee Grandinetti on Vimeo.

I have been into drawing machines and digital fabrication. I usually try building machines made out of widely available materials such as plastic, cardboard, tape, strings, etc. While it gets me a special type of satisfaction to build from scratch using very simple materials, reliability and precision were not the strength of those builds.

How hard could it be to stick a pen on a 3D printer and start drawing? To my surprise it was not hard at all and after 3 iterations (and a few video tutorials) I had a very satisfactory process and an actual amazing result.

The first results were actually fantastic:

When Bee saw that, she got so excited! I was so happy that we set to do something together with that technique. We had this idea to make a new years card to send to some of our friends but each card would be a frame of a stop motion animation we would make with the prints.

After printing the 24 frames, which took about 6 hours spread on 2 or 3 days, Bee did her magic with photos, colors, corrections and made the stop motion animation. Not enough she made a soundtrack and added “behind the scenes” footage. So much talent!

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