Makey Makey Sampler

If you have ever seen or played with a MakeyMakey, you probably played piano or bongo with a household object, perhaps a fruit or cutlery. The Piano and Bongos apps are a success to onboard and to score a smile on everyone’s face. But why being limited to piano and bongos sounds only?

With this question in mind I had the honour to brainstorm, prototype, design, develop and release a sampler app for MakeyMakey. Our dream was to create an app where people could play and create beyond the classic apps. It’s a real joy to work with JoyLabz team!

The main feature of MakeyMakey Sampler app is to assign any sound to the MakeyMakey keys. They can be uploaded from your computer or recorded with an Erik Rosenbaum’s MK-1 inspired recorder. You can also save, share and load full key arrangements!

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