Fast Prototyping: Berghs May 2014

The first time I got invited to give a lecture was by Paulo and Joe at Berghs. The idea was to get a class of Digital Art Direction and give a crash course on how to go from idea to prototype in a couple of days.

Students were divided into groups, each one with a fictional brief for a real brand and they would end up the course with a pitch that included some prototype action. The main outcome wouldn’t be the pitch itself but a “making of” for the process.

To do that we gave a small introduction on Processing and taught them how to setup Makey Makeys to interact with the Processing sketches.

This was the material we used:

Other workshops

2014-06: Kids Hack Day: Summer Camp June 2014

During early days of Kids Hack Day, the main format was “one day events”. As people kept asking for more and more about next events and the subscription list increased, I was invited to join the new format Kids Hack Day was trying out: Summer Camp.

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2014-10: Fast Prototyping: Berghs September 2014

As everybody enjoyed the spring lectures, Paulo got invited again to give the same lecture and extended the invitation to me. I was more than happy to join again and the idea was very similar: Give a class of Copywriting students a crash course on rapid prototyping.

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