Kids Hack Day: Club (2015 - 2016)

Following the success of 2014’s Summer Camp, we decided to go further and establish a Kids Hack Day Club that ran initially from Makerspark's basement, then moved to a few rooms at Stadsgården and finally to Stockholm Makerspace, in 2016.

Kids Hack Day Club ran as a maker/hackerspace. Children would have access to equipaments, material, instructions (with or without instructors) and, most importantly, time to spend on their own projects or helping out other friends.

In the beginning, I ran a series of Minecraft hacking sessions using a version of Minecraft that would only allow to modify the world through code. Later on I also ran robotics, 3D printing, hardware and software hacking workshops to get them excited and started with their own projects.

Other workshops

2014-10: Fast Prototyping: Berghs September 2014

As everybody enjoyed the spring lectures, Paulo got invited again to give the same lecture and extended the invitation to me. I was more than happy to join again and the idea was very similar: Give a class of Copywriting students a crash course on rapid prototyping.

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2015-03: Quirkbot Robot Race: FabLab@School March 2015

I went to Vejle to join a national conference of schools who had or wanted to have a FabLab at their schools. We ran a workshop with a classic Quirkbot activity: build a moving creature with Strawbees and a pre-programmed Quirkbot in 20 to 30 minutes. After the creatures were built, we suggested a few competitions like races or battles, so participants could interact with each other's creations.

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