Fast Prototyping: Bergs September 2015

Yet again my friend Paulo Barcelos and I got invited to lecture at Berghs School of Communication for a mixed of students from different courses about the process and techniques to bring ideas to reality through fast and constant prototyping.

This time was no much different from the previous two, except we took out the focus on teaching how to program on Processing in exchange to suggest students to hack their own professional tools such as keynote, media players or word processors for prototyping purposes. We also upgraded the hardware to a DIY version of Makey Makey Go.

And this is the source code for the Makey Makey Go "clone" we've made.

Other workshops

2015-05: Strawbees: Paide May 2015

I was invited through Makerspark and Pixelache to give a Strawbees workshop at Paide, in Estonia during a gathering to advertise a residency program on the city’s community center. When I got there I was amazed by the strength of the ideas people were articulating around there.

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2015-09: Strawbees: Makers Faire NY September 2015

During the days I joined the 2015 Maker Faire as part of the Strawbees gang, we set a booth next to the gift shop and had a lot of fun, apart from business and marketing related activities.

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