Strawbees: Makers Faire NY September 2015

During the days I joined the 2015 Maker Faire as part of the Strawbees gang, we set a booth next to the gift shop and had a lot of fun, apart from business and marketing related activities.

Before the fair started we gathered for one night of intense building with the goal to invent as many examples and props for the booth as possible- and had a great time during it!

It was a huge opportunity for me to be around so many talented and inspiring people and be able to experiment and build together! Many of the things we created for that booth are still part of Strawbees and Quirkbot portfolio of main activities.

During the event, our booth functioned as a drop in, building party. Anyone could come, sit and play as much as they wanted with guided introductions provided by us, playing with the examples or digging through the bags of Strawbees and straws themselves to build their own ideas.

Other workshops

2015-09: Fast Prototyping: Bergs September 2015

Yet again my friend Paulo Barcelos and I got invited to lecture at Berghs School of Communication for a mixed of students from different courses about the process and techniques to bring ideas to reality through fast and constant prototyping.

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2015-11: Strawbees: ItLab November 2015

While working at Designit in Stockholm I was invited to be a mentor on a design bootcamp in Munich. The participants were interns from different Designit offices across the globe and the theme was “how can strategic design help the current refugee crisis”. My contribution as a mentor was to push the projects beyond the sticky notes and whiteboards, to actual prototypes and validation of their ideas through experiencing how people react to them.

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