Kids Hack Day: Hyper Island March 2016

After Hyper Island bought Quirkbot kits for prototyping and development of projects, students organized a Kids Hack Day with it. I joined the event with my friend Carl Bärstad as volunteer and consultant both training the students and helping to design the space.

The event was drop in and lasted for the whole day. It consisted of an open space with multiple stations: an inspiration station with examples of what they could build, free building with Strawbees, toy hacking and soldering, programming lights and motors and 3D printing.

Other workshops

2015-11: Strawbees: ItLab November 2015

While working at Designit in Stockholm I was invited to be a mentor on a design bootcamp in Munich. The participants were interns from different Designit offices across the globe and the theme was “how can strategic design help the current refugee crisis”. My contribution as a mentor was to push the projects beyond the sticky notes and whiteboards, to actual prototypes and validation of their ideas through experiencing how people react to them.

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2016-03: Kids Hack Day: KHD For Adults March and April 2016

After we hosted Kids Hack Day Hyper Island a lot of people came to us to ask about Kids Hack Day Club and other events. We noticed a lot of parents, educators and curious grown ups asking about event they could attend as well. Since Kids Hack Day was mainly focused on the younger ones, we decide to create a special event, more adult-oriented.

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