Fast Prototyping: Berghs August 2016

Joe invited my friend Paulo and I to give a lecture about techniques and tools for rapid prototyping to another class at Berghs School of Communication. This time we updated the content and tools to focus even more on how to integrate and hack new technologies introduced into students creative workflow.

For the first time the main board we used to do hardware interaction was a Quirkbot. We began the day with a robot race and followed it with the classic run through examples of what can be done using the MakeyMakey capabilities on Quirkbot. The following days were about guiding the students on how to use the tools to prototype their ideas.

Other workshops

2016-03: Kids Hack Day: KHD For Adults March and April 2016

After we hosted Kids Hack Day Hyper Island a lot of people came to us to ask about Kids Hack Day Club and other events. We noticed a lot of parents, educators and curious grown ups asking about event they could attend as well. Since Kids Hack Day was mainly focused on the younger ones, we decide to create a special event, more adult-oriented.

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2016-09: Quirkbot Robot Race: Stockholm Chamber of Commerce September 2016

Stockholm Chamber of Commerce donated Quirkbot kits to a list of schools in Sweden and as part of the delivery we would give a series of workshops with members from the organization, educators and students. It was interesting to notice that the most successful activity - that managed to engage people across all the very different groups - was the robot race.

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