Kano: Code Dojo Girls Only

During the first month after, I joined Kano I hosted a table at Code Dojo Girls Only edition. During the event, there were stations covering all sorts of content, like scratch, game development, robotics, python programming, etc. I was in charge of a “make your own computer” workshop with computer kits from Kano.

After putting together their computers and booting their operating systems, girls from a wide range of ages used programming languages to draw, hack minecraft and pong on the computer kits. The reception was fantastic and it’s always heart-warming to experience a new perspective unfolding in front of a young mind. It is especially important when this happens to youth who social or gender circumstances would put them on an underprivileged situation.

I wrote a blog post on Kano’s blog about it!

Other workshops

2016-10: Fast Prototyping: O Parque October 2016

While I was back home in Brazil for a while I did a one month residency at O Parque, a creative hub, coworking space and studio. There, I interacted with many creative professionals from street artists to local brands on a daily basis, experimenting and understanding how people would see and interact with the tools and approach to technology I was proposing.

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2017-11: Strawbees: Fun with motors

In early February, my friend 2018 Taylor and I decided to give a few workshops called "Fun with motors". We came up with this idea after a series of small activities we have done together to brainstorm about how could we explore motors, building, GPIOs and Kano products together. We thought this was a way to expand the possibilities for schools and homes who have Kano Computers and are done with the content that comes on it already.

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