Bits and Atoms: Vefskoli

My great friend Pedro teaches web technologies at Vefskoli in Reykjavik. He invited me to give a 3 day lecture about how his students could extend their web knowledge beyond the browser into the physical world. We sold the workshop as Internet of Things although I do prefer to call it “A journey from atoms to bits and back again” or just “bits and atoms” for short.

The course was all about the journey electricity does from the browser to the boards and back again. It covered basic electronics, microprocessors, general purpose input and output devices and networks. It’s quite a journey so the main goal for the course was not to go super deep in any step specifically but to experience superficially the whole process by playing with demos, experiments and challenges.

You can check the material for the workshop here.

Naturally, students and teachers found where their major interest was during in the journey and were able to deeper understand something they were curious about or find out entirely new worlds to explore.

Other workshops

2017-11: Strawbees: Fun with motors

In early February, my friend 2018 Taylor and I decided to give a few workshops called "Fun with motors". We came up with this idea after a series of small activities we have done together to brainstorm about how could we explore motors, building, GPIOs and Kano products together. We thought this was a way to expand the possibilities for schools and homes who have Kano Computers and are done with the content that comes on it already.

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2018-04: Kano: Build your computer and code

After the last workshop, my friend Taylor and I gave at Poplar Union we decided to explore more specifically the Kano range of products since they weren’t as performant as expected on a building scenario. These new workshops would focus on how to present the app Make Art (that comes on the KanoOS) in a way we could introduce a more complex language.

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