Kids Hack Day London

Two beautiful and inspiring days with children, parents and volunteers having a good time, being curious and building things.

In early 2014 I joined my first Kids Hack Day in Stockholm and since then I have been part of its story. I gave workshops and developed inspirational content for the events, played the mentor of a few Minecraft hackers at our first Kids Hack Day Club and helped organizers get familiar with the guidelines of a Kids Hack Day.

In 2019 I had the pleasure to co-organize the first and second Kids Hack Day in London at the Poplar Union! Those were 2 very special editions of the event because the audience was mostly families, in contrast to the “after school activity” the other events had. One is not better than the other but the family presence made me learn something new about the role of parents being participants in those events and not only watching over.

They were two beautiful and inspiring days with children, parents, volunteers and passing by curious having a good time being curious and building things. This is all thanks to Rabia Jahani who first contacted me wanting to organize those events, all the volunteers who came and helped those to be playful and diverse days, Fastfuture for sponsoring the costs for our first event and Poplar Union for giving us all the time and space we needed.

We even made a video about the event and our experience and published our chapter on the Kids Hack Day Youtube channel!