TATE Exchange: Power Play

Invited by London CLC to host a Strawbees workshop station at TATE Exchange to explore the theme of Power and Play.

London Connected Learning Centre is an organisation that I resonated since our first contact in early 2020. They invited me to join their event at TATE modern with children from different countries to explore the theme: Power Play.

This couldn't be a more appropriate theme! The station was simple yet engaging and there was activity and conversations happening in a casual and playful way. I have witness a bunch of "a-ha" moments and deeper reflections about why playing "like that" was important and what happens with our thinking while we are experimenting. Whether that went on the working sheets they had to fill is a different story.

Building and Rebuilding with Strawbees:

Explore ways to read and make sense of things by making and and remaking them, empowering ourselves, understanding and shaping the world around us.

Strawbees is a construction set, which means it is material for playful building, testing, sharing ideas and thinking creatively.