P5js Introduction at Tskoli: Recreating Vasulkas

A 3 day online workshop focused on creative coding and studying the artwork made by computer art pioneers.

My friend Pedro invited me to give a 3 day online workshop for his web development students at Tskoli. The workshops were part of a module for expanding students horizons on what they could do with the skills they learned through the course.

I choose to give a creative coding focused workshop very much inspired by the Recreating the Past course I enrolled at the School for Poetic Computation.

We talked about the Vasulkas and picked a few of their work to recreate in order to revisit some of the programming structures they have learned such as for looks, colors and arrays.

The days started with a technical lecture followed by a recreation and a live coding Q&A:

  • Getting started with p5js
  • Color and Basic shapes
  • For loops
  • Animation
  • Map function
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Images