Hyper Island: Exploring Tech

An immersive module containing hands-on experimentation with new technologies, learning hardware and digital fabrication.

Since I arrived in Stockholm I'm surrounded by people, projects and sparks from Hyper Island. In 2021 I had the pleasure to be Industry Leader of a module called Exploring Tech for the Digital Creative program. When Mari Leoni invited me, she also gave me the most freedom I ever had on designing a course and all the support I needed.

The result was a 3 week module with lectures, talks, workshops, practices and as far as I could feel, a lot of fun! The first week was about Literacy, the second about Poetics and in the third we worked on an assignment from the book Code as Creative Medium. You can download the program booklet.

I was lucky and very happy to get to invite special people to come and lecture about my favourite, and very relevant, topics.

Thais came to talk about their experience as research assistant and graduate at Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Media Lab. Jay Silver came to talk about his PhD thesis, product development experiences and the vision behind JoyLabz. Max Bittker gave an inspiring and playful talk about what makes an interface poetic.

Students participated on Strawbees building session, built robots that walk, made musical instruments with Makey Makey, physical interfaces for games using Adafruit's Circuit Playground (Jonas Johansson himself leading the session) and spent some time tinkering at the school's makerspace.