Hey there! I'm Murilo, a Brazilian creative technologist.

When I'm not working as a full-stack developer, you can find me tinkering with music, exploring the wonders of the universe through microscopes, doodling on machines, and more!

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Arduino Lab For MicroPython

Arduino sponsored an open source project of mine and that became an official MicroPython editor for the brand new boards launched by the company.

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New Year's Experiment

Using a 3D printer to make new years cards where each card is a frame of a stop motion animation.

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Panimation Directory

No more excuses for male-only studios, speaker line-ups and director rosters. Diversity exists, it's got skills and it's here.

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SFPC: Cellular Automata

5 week class where we used paper, board games, computers to challenge the traditional cultures and definitions of what programming is and who it is for.

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Konstfack: Drawing Machines

A 3 day workshop for graphic design and illustration students about drawing machines where we explored the poetics of mechanical movement.

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SFPC: Recreating the Past

Teaching computational art from the past decades, and co-creating our own computational art histories through recreating the works of artists who inspire us.

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