Arduino Lab For MicroPython

Arduino sponsored an open source project of mine and that became an official MicroPython editor for the brand new boards launched by the company.

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Makey Makey Interactive Poster

Web tool for making interactive multimedia posters with gifs, images and sounds. Use your keyboard and Makey Makey to play.

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Reality Bender

I worked on a round of research and development on an augmented reality platform for people to create using a camera and a projector.

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Color Notes

Augmented reality experiment where you use webcam and mouse to draw and make music using colors and movement.

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I worked for JoyLabz on a research and development prototype for a product that used the web as material for creative expression.

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Makey Makey Sampler

I worked with the educator Colleen Graves to design and built Makey Makey's own Audio Sampler App.

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Gamebender Web

Gamebender is a glitch platform built on top of Scratch coding platform. I worked on bringing the previous native app to the browser.

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Super Beast Interactive Logo

Interactive logo for a design consultancy that mixed generative, semi-random and ciliate inspired undulatory movement.

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Strawbees Learning

Strawbees Learning is an oasis for innovative teachers who embrace creative thinking and hands-on learning with Strawbees.

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New Year's Experiment

Using a 3D printer to make new years cards where each card is a frame of a stop motion animation.

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Panimation Directory

No more excuses for male-only studios, speaker line-ups and director rosters. Diversity exists, it's got skills and it's here.

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Reykjavik Fashion Festival

Generative visuals exploring one of the natural elements present in the Reykjavik's Fashion Festival brand: Wind.

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Blend Website

What if each Blend conference attendee could create their own custom character that would appear on the home page?

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Urbanears Radioheads

Urbanears Radio Heads was a live streamed tournament with youtubers racing each other with radio controlled 3D printed heads.

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Urbanears Pigeon Bingo

Urbanears Pigeon Bingo was a bingo style game where pigeons shit on the washable headphones to call the numbers.

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Guessing Game

A guessing game for a song release. The basic concept is to listen the instrumental version of the song and guess the lyric.

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